fishing commercial and leisure wear at the hastings fisherman's shop
Hastings Fisherman's Shop
traditional fishing fleet at hastings east sussex

The Hastings Fisherman's Shop is situated in the heart of the old town in Hastings, East Sussex and is within a few yards of the large beach launched fishing fleet and the modern fish market. Managed by Maggie Starr, the shop is a registered friendly society and ploughs all surplus profits back into the fishing industry...

We supply a huge range of marine products and leisure wear including trawl gear, fishing nets and ropes, waterproof and thermal clothing, safety and standard shoes, boots and waders, life jackets, flotation survival suits, commercial work wear, offshore and inshore flare packs, T shirts, trousers, fleece's, nauticalia including replica ship's cats, barometers, clocks, inverters and nautical figures...!

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